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***Last Grade Viewer (PIV) Update***

As of the date and time listed below, the on-line grades for your class have been fully updated.  You may still see blank columns for current or future assignments that I haven’t collected or graded yet, but as of the date and time listed, all make-up work has been graded and entered into the on-line grade book.  If you handed in your make-up work before the date and time listed, it is included in the current grade viewer.


AP US HISTORY, PERIODS 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5:                                 Monday, October 8, 2018, 8:00AM


Please do not e-mail me regarding errors in your grade reports.  I need you to see me in person to discuss the particular assignment.  I am happy to fix any mistakes I’ve made entering your grades.


The deadline for all make-up work for this semester is                   Friday, December 7, 2018, 3:30pm.   

After that time, no late homework, projects, tests, quizzes, or any other make-up work can be accepted for any reason.  Please be aware that this deadline will not be extended in the case of illness, family emergency, or any other excused absence.                Also, after this deadline, students can no longer use mulligans or claim work that was handed in with no name written on it.

As this deadline applies to late/past-due assignments only, students with 504s and IEPs likewise will not be granted extended time past the deadline for these late assignments.


***Information Regarding the Grade Viewer (PIV)***

As parents and students, you have the ability to view my grade book on line: the grades for assignments you see are the most updated grade information I have.  To access your/your student’s grades, please see this link:

If you need your password or further assistance, please contact the Pioneer Student Services office at 408.535.6310.

The following information answers commonly asked questions about the PIV as related to my classes in particular.  If you have other questions, please feel free to contact me at


1. How do I know what assignments I am missing?

Any zero you see is a missing assignment.  These zeros represent assignments that I have already graded, and if you see a zero, that means you have 0% credit.

Please don’t be misled by the computer-generated list of “missing assignments”—some of the assignments on this list may not be missing at all.  Other assignments may actually be missing but not be included on the “Missing Assignments” list.  If an assignment is listed but no grade at all has been entered (the grade column is completely blank), either the assignment has been collected but not yet graded, or I haven’t even collected the assignment yet.

An assignment should be considered to be a “missing assignment” if a numerical grade of zero has been entered.

Sometimes, students are sure they have handed in an assignment but it still appears as a zero in the grade viewer.  Usually, one of three scenarios is happening: 1. It was handed in after the last grade update.  2. It is sitting in the box in the classroom for papers handed in with no names on them.  3. It was graded as an NC (not complete, no credit) and returned to the student.  If you have a zero on an assignment and you’re not sure why, please check on these three things.  After that, if you are still not sure about why you have a zero, please don’t hesitate to come talk to me.  Please do not e-mail me regarding errors in your grade reports.  I need you to see me in person to discuss the particular assignment.  I am happy to fix any mistakes I’ve made entering your grades.


2. Can I make up these assignments for credit?

Generally, yes, you can make up almost any missing assignment for 75% credit until the end-of-the-semester deadline.  This specific deadline will be announced to students well in advance, and it is also posted at the top of this website page.  Making up homework assignments often has a significant impact on low grades, and I highly encourage students to do so!

The only assignments that may not be made up for late credit are those labeled “On Time” at the beginning of the assignment name.  If you see “On Time” at the beginning of the name of an assignment, students may not earn any late credit for that assignment as it has no relevance to our learning beyond the specific day it was due.  These assignments are rare, though.  The vast majority of assignments can be made up.


3. How often are grades updated, and how do I know when they last were updated?

I update the grade viewer on average every two weeks.   If you want to know how current the computer grades are, please check the date and time of the last update at the top of this page.

Please be aware that late work is only graded every couple of weeks.  One advantage to doing your work on time is that you get it back from me much more quickly.  While it may be a frustration for students and parents to have to wait a couple of weeks to see grades for make-up work, this lag time is one of the unavoidable, natural consequences of handing in the work late.  As the on-line grade report is a direct copy of my grade book, I do not have grade information that is any more current than what you are already seeing.  I’m sorry, but I can’t give parents information about whether students have handed in late work before I grade it.  Even if I know I have a particular assignment from a student, I need to fully grade it to know if it meets the assignment requirements in order to earn credit.


4. Is the computer-generated list of  “Due Dates” for assignments accurate?

In short, no, not at all.  It represents only the days on which I coincidentally entered the assignments into the computer.

For the actual due dates of all assignments, parents and students may consult the student’s syllabus from class.  Students are responsible for keeping all weekly syllabi in a special section of their binders called, “Syllabi.” At the end of the semester, students will have a running list of every assignment due for the entire semester.  There are several purposes for keeping this running list; the most important two are to help the students prepare for exams and to allow students to make up missing homework assignments.  Please note that if a student wants to make up missing homework, I will not give assignment information or materials again.  Students are held accountable for knowing the specific instructions for each assignment.  Work that does not meet assignment criteria will not earn credit.

Please use this link to access all weekly syllabi (instructions for all homework assignments for the week that are given to students each Monday in class).  By clicking this link, students and parents can access instructions for every homework assignment for the entire school year:

Please be aware that I occasionally make changes to homework assignments that will not be reflected on these syllabi.  Students are notified of all changes during class and are responsible for making these changes on their copies of their syllabus.


5. Is extra credit available?

Generally, the extra credit work I offer is enrichment for students who already have high grades.  I do not offer extra credit that will help students bring up low grades.  The best strategy for these students is to make up missing assignments for late credit.  For students with low grades, extra credit assignments do not help final semester averages nearly as much as making up missing work.  (Think of it as getting rid of zeros as opposed to simply watering them down with additional, extra-credit grades.)  If your grade is low and you need to raise it, my strong advice is to forget about extra-credit assignments and work on making up missing assignments.


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